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Sterling Silver Jewelry

silver jewelry

Sterling Silver is one of the purest white metals. For centuries, it accompanied gold in the measuring of the world's wealth. Sterling Silver jewelry is beautiful but it must be well taken care of. Read below to learn about maintaining sterling silver jewelry.

Choosing Sterling Silver

There are several factors to consider when you're looking to invest in a piece of sterling silver jewelry.


Like gold, other metals are often added to sterling silver to make it more durable. If you choose a sterling silver alloy — regularly called "sterling silver," then that item is less likely to be scratched or otherwise damaged.


Sterling silver is a shiny metal, but over time moisture can tarnish silver, rendering it dull. Sterling silver takes care but polished and untarnished sterling silver is a thing to behold.


The malleability of sterling silver adds to the metal's value. It is a soft metal that is ideal for woven jewelry. If you desire an intricate design, sterling silver is an excellent choice of metal.

Why does Sterling Silver Tarnish?

Sterling Silver is usually mixed with copper so that it can be shaped and so that it can be worn without damaging the design. Copper reacts when it is exposed to moisture and sulfur in the air, the reaction causes dull or dark spots to appear on the surface of the metal. This is tarnishing.

Preventing Tarnish

The best way to prevent tarnish on your sterling silver jewelry is by wearing it. But, depending on the style of your jewelry, you may not choose to wear it every day. Storing your sterling silver properly and cleaning it regularly can also limit the effects of moisture and sulfur on your sterling silver jewelry.

Storing Sterling Silver

Store your sterling ​silver in a cloth bag or a separate drawer in your jewelry box. Isolating your items prevents them from accidental damage. Keep them in a dry environment.

Polishing Sterling Silver

We sell high quality sterling silver polishing cloths as well as specialized sterling silver dips.