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Silver Coins

Silver Coins

Our Silver Coin Selection

Our coin department offers something for every taste - collector, dealer, investor - including rare and certified coins, proof and mint sets and US and world paper money. One of our widest selections is our collection of silver coins, which range in price from under $20 on into the hundreds. If you are thinking of becoming a coin collector, silver coins are a great place to start.

Coin Collecting

Coin collecting is one of the world's oldest hobbies. It used to be the pastime of only the rich, but today anyone can catch the numismatic bug. Come in and talk to our experts about the joys and financial benefits of coin collecting.

Appraising Coin Value

To appraise the value of a coin, we need to know its composition and its history. Some coins are valuable because of the circumstances in which they were minted, others' value is based on how much silver they contain. It is a good idea to protect your coins and make sure they stay in mint condition since every detail of a coin factors into its appraisal value. Let Hartville Coin & Jewelry give you an honest, accurate appraisal today.