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Gold Jewelry

Gold Jewelry

We offer a vast selection of new and estate gold jewelry at realistic prices.

The Beauty of Gold

In its purest form, gold is a bright, dense, soft and malleable metal. For thousands of years, people have sought after gold for jewelry making because of these properties.

Why Gold?

Unlike most other metals, gold does not tarnish. It is valuable because it is rare and difficult to extract, but it is also bright, malleable and surprisingly durable. Gold jewelry can survive essentially unchanged for thousands of years.

Measuring Gold in Jewelry

The quantity of gold in a piece of jewelry is measured in karats. A karat is 1/24 of the total amount of metal in a piece of jewelry. This makes 24 karat gold 24/24 karats or made entirely of gold, 18 karat is 18/24 karats and so forth.

Our Golds

Pure gold is yellow, but gold is often mixed with other metals to lend stability to the soft metal and to change its color. Gold commonly comes in yellow, rose and white. The different colors come from mixing pure gold with other metals to make an alloy. Gold alloys are ideal for heirloom jewelry because they have the lasting luster of gold with durability lent from the added metals.

White Gold

White gold is a silver-colored gold alloy made by combining gold with a white metal, usually nickel, palladium or manganese. The added metals make prongs and pins significantly harder than the pure gold base metal would be alone and can help protect your jewelry from getting scratched or bent.