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Gold Coins

Gold Coins

Our Gold Coin Selection

Gold coins come in a variety of compositions, all the way up to 24-karat gold. Coins come in different values as well, reaching into thousands of dollars. We stock gold coins in a variety of values, from incredibly rare to common classics. Whether you are a collector, dealer or investor, we are sure to have a coin to suit your taste. Stop by to see what we have to offer.

Coin Collecting

Coin collecting is a wonderful hobby. The beauty of the coins and excitement that comes with every coin discovery makes this hobby fulfilling. Additionally, the inherent value of precious metals makes coin collecting a good investment. If you inherit coins from a family member or stumble across a collectable, consider joining this community and have your coin appraised at Hartville Coin & Jewelry.

The Value of Gold

You may wonder why gold is such a valuable resource. Not only is it beautiful and rare, but it has the highest corrosion resistance of all metals. It can only be corroded by some acids which means that a gold object can remain unchanged for thousands of years. This makes gold the ultimate long-term investment. It has been a desired resource since it was first discovered and continues so to this day.

Appraising Coin Value

We examine all the coins that come across our counter with an eagle eye. Minute details can elevate or diminish the value of a coin dramatically. Our extensive knowledge and attention to detail help us to give you the most accurate appraisal of your coin's history, and its value. Bring your coins in for an honest inspection today.